Car Key Extraction

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Car key Extraction

Car Key Extraction | Car Key Extraction In Boston

If in the event that you are unable to drive your car because you broke your car key or if it’s stuck in the ignition, don’t worry, Locksmiths Boston are professional and we sent to your location a technician that will help you out within 15 minutes of your call. There are many reasons why your car key gets locked in the ignition.

An automotive locksmith must know how to assist you and determine what caused the problem.

​The Following Are The Reasons Why Your Car Key May Have Gotten Jammed:

  • Dirt or dust was blocking the lock cylinder
  • The lock needs to be lubricated
  • The ignition stops functioning
  • The key is bent or needs to be reprogrammed
  • The lock cylinder is overused
  • The car battery is dead
  • Your car is not in parking or your car’s steering lock is not placed in proper position

Once the cause of the problem has been apparent to the Locksmiths Boston technician, he will then remove the key from the ignition using a broken key extractor tool, repair all the damages that might have caused the issue, and cut a new key for you if necessary.

A professional Locksmiths Boston must not only extract your key out of your ignition, but also remove the key bits from your ignition if your key was broken in half, removing a key from the ignition is not that easy.

In some cases, wiggling the half keys out of ignition resulted in getting the bits being pushed further back, making it harder to be extracted, that’s why it’s important to call a professional locksmith and let his extracting tools and lubrication to remove the key without damaging your car in any further.

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The key is worn out or you are in rush and a lot of pressure is applied. You can surely rely on us to fix the situation and repair the system. We will remove the broken key and make new keys for you. Sometimes emergency situations in your home can arise and you may be locked out of your home due to lost keys. Do not panic in this situation and call Emergency Locksmith Boston without waiting. Our 24/7 Emergency locksmith Boston services are the best to get you out of this emergency situation. We will reach you within 15 minutes any time of the day or week.

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