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Commercial Locksmith | Commercial Locksmiths In Boston

Boston Commercial Locksmith offers a large variety of commercial architectural hardware products and solutions from high security Master/Restricted Key systems and access control to custom security and disabled access solutions. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide physical security solutions for new construction, fit out, and refurbishment projects – be it an office building, apartment block, factory, warehouse, shopping center, commercial complex, data center etc. and ensure it is secured to the highest possible standards.

We know that securing Your Company Premises is crucial. Boston Locksmiths repair, provide and install a broad selection of locking systems, so for those who get a broken lock, or wish to upgrade your current locks into something more modern and secure, call us today for a free quote. Boston Locksmiths provide and install a selection of digital and locks access control products to secure company premises. The advantage of electronic access control is the ability to use a pin code or key card to put in your company premises, allowing a suitable keyless solution and the ability to control who’s able to access which areas of their premises.

Most companies have a number of Items that will need to be kept safe and protected, including money, confidential files, electronic valuables, and much more. Buying a safe is a great way to securely store precious and important possessions. A number of our safes incorporate the hottest in anti-theft and fire-resistant technology, making them suitable for any enterprise. Boston Locksmiths provide and install a variety of quality safes at very affordable prices. We can even open locked safes.

Get your present keys to work on your locks, Boston Locksmiths will help. We can even re-key your locks so you just need to carry 1 key. If you’re locked out of your store, office, secure or work vehicle, call Boston Locksmiths.

Can they get stuck and scrape on the framework or the step? The great news is you do not have to acquire a new door but alternatively it is possible to let our experienced locksmiths look after your door repair and save much amounts of cash at exactly the exact same time. Boston Locksmiths offer an extremely secure restricted keying system that’s the ideal solution to controlling and managing who has access to your business premises.

A limited keying system consists Of locks and keys that are on a limited profile. A restricted system Comprises keys with profiles which are protected by patent are stamped ‘Don’t Duplicate’. Which provides you control and security over who has copies of your keys and how Having a limited system will require having one or more approved Signatories to purchase keys and will require generation of identification and Signature of our enroll upon collection.

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