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Safe Locksmith | Safe Locksmiths In Boston MA

Safes are a tricky thing. When they are working correctly everything is great. But when your safe starts to operate funny and doesn’t open consistently with your existing safe combination, then its time for your safe to be serviced by a certified locksmith or safe technician. Here at Locksmiths San Jose we have the tools, specialized equipment and knowledge to service your safe, and get it operating properly again. Many times it is just the owners dialing technique. Other times it can be loose, worn or broken parts. But, there are times when something has just gone terribly wrong and the only answer is to drill the safe open.

At this time Locksmiths San Jose will diagnose the problem of the lockout and formulate a plan as to where and how to attack the safe. Many lower end safes that most people are purchasing at the home clubs and super centers, May only take a few hours to open. Whereas some of the high security models may take several days to drill open. Some of the materials a locksmith will encounter while drilling your safe open is known as hard plate. Hard plate is a hardened piece of steel that just dulls regular drill bits. Thus, Safe Techs purchase especially hardened drill bits that will penetrate the hardened steel.

At other times secondary locks called re-lockers may have engaged and are keeping the door locked. The safe tech will have to diagnose this problem and come up with game plan to open your safe. The following are some of most common safe items that Locksmiths San Jose works on at your home or place of business:

  • Electronic Safe Locks Installed
  • Electronic Safe Locks Combination Change
  • Mechanical Safe Locks Installed
  • Mechanical Safe Locks Combination Change
  • Open Locked Safe With Lost Combination
  • Open Locked Safe That Has Been Burglarized
  • Open Locked Safe That Is Malfunctioning
  • Open Locked Safe That Has Been In A Fire
  • Safe Lock Troubleshooting
  • Safe Lock Diagnostics

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